Patient Information

Your First Visit: The Consultation

Your first visit with the Oral Surgeon is a very important part of the doctor/patient relationship. It is at this visit that your problem will be diagnosed. Your treatment options (which may or may not involve surgery) will be explained to you.

Based on information given to you during the consultation, you may wish to book a surgical appointment at this time or take time to consider your options discussing the matter further with family or friends. If you remain unsure of what you would like to do; we encourage you to have a second follow up consultation. At the follow-up consultation; the surgeon will review any questions or concerns you have.

For patients residing a great distance from Winnipeg (Northern Manitoba, North Western Ontario or Eastern Saskatchewan) we’ll make arrangements to minimize your travel. Your consultation with the Oral Surgeon can be booked the day before surgery.


Most Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery procedures are NOT covered by Provincial Health Care. Professional fees, insurance plans and pre-authorizations will be fully explained by a staff member at your consultation appointment. Many patients have a private dental insurance plan.

We will accept payment directly from your insurance company provided we have pre-authorized approval. Please provide our receptionist with a copy of the pre-authorization form. You will be required to pay the portion of the fee that is not covered by your insurance company.


Patient Self Referral Form: complete online or print (PDF) for fax/mail
Patient Registration Form: complete online or print (PDF) for fax/mail

Pre-Operative Instructions (PDF)
Post-Operative Instructions (PDF)